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Business Plan

At Web Triangle our focus is our clients. Which is why we are advocates for the Agile Methodology. Life is unexpected and change is inevitable. Because of this we embrace a similar approach to our digital solutions. We map out a preliminary approach that is in line with our client's needs and budget so that a project roadmap is set. 

However; from there on forwards we are Agile. We like to develop our applications incrementally to ensure that all expectations are met and that all potential use cases are tested thoroughly. This allows our customers to be able to fully visualize and see their application come to life. 

Furthermore, we accept changing requirements. In fact, we welcome it. Incremental development allows us to be able to accommodate any changes in requirements and adjustments to product roadmaps, budgets and constraints. 

As such, since our core is client satisfaction we fully understand that some customers prefer a more straightforward approach to their application development cycle. We have expert teams that are capable to accommodate a waterfall development methodology.

One size does not fit all, and we understand that. 

Reach out to us today to set up a project plan for your business requirements.

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